Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen

Personal Trainer

I grew up playing sports but didn’t get into fitness and health until college. I used physical exercise to pull myself out of depression my freshman year of college and became hooked on the endorphins. I became a fitness instructor during this time as well. In 2007 I tore my ACL while playing lacrosse for BYU in a game versus Air Force so I got stuck sitting around for a few months. It was around this time that I realized that I had to do more than exercise to get fit; I needed to eat healthy to feel good about myself, I realized what a gift a healthy body is.

Then I began my struggle with healthy eating. Starting with binge eating my habits slowly turned to balanced eating and here I am sharing my meals and workouts with you, I want to show that it is possible for any wife and mom to do!

My major in public health education which has allowed me to teach Turbo-kick and personally train clients for the past 9 years. I guess this wasn’t enough busy time for me because after plenty of fertility treatments, and finally invetro, I had my baby twin girls. My physical activity was closely monitored during treatments but I always tried to do something to stay moving even through the pregnancy. I believe that moving brings mental strength and clarity along with physical toughness! I KNOW through experience that exercise makes your head clearer, your mood better, your body tougher and give you a will to push through even tougher challenges.

Now I am here to share my healthy eating tips, recipes, and workout ideas for busy college student‘s, mom’s, dad‘s, full-time worker’s and everyone in between. I am often asked what I do and what I eat so here it is friends!