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Shoulders & Legs Tabata

  This workout is gonna make you sweat like a champion and will really tone up your upper and lower body.  Your shoulders are going to ache and your heart rate will soar. You can take all the jumps out and make this really low impact. I even show the curtsy lunge without the jump […]

Exercise Ball Full Body workout

Who doesnt love getting an entire body workout in one workout session. To be honest most of the time I break up my workouts by muscle groups. For exmaple I will work Chest & Biceps, Shoulders and Back or Legs (Hamstrings , Glutes and Quads) BUT sometimes I just don’t have time for those kind […]

A few of my Favorite things

People ask me all the time what products I love. What stuff do I feel is a must when it comes to fitness and health. There are only 3 or 4 things I couldn’t live with out and this is it!Now of course protien powder is one of them and I use Quest and About […]

Back, Glutes, Legs & Shoulders

This is a low key progressive workout to really tone up a few different muscle groups. Sometimes women tend to focus on just their legs and abs but to truly make a difference in your look you need to work all your muscle groups. I take different days of the week and focus on different […]

Personal Size Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie Bake

I LOVE desserts. Problem is no matter what the serving size is it always means  “serves one “in my eyes 🙂 So I make things smaller and I have it all! I have eaten this for dessert and breakfast! Its pretty simple and taste fabulous during the fall!  My favorite way to enjoy this treat […]

Booty Blaster in the Back Yard

I want to talk about getting the lean muscle look today. I get a lot of emails and questions about lifting weights and wanting to tone but not build muscle. Tone look toned you have to build muscle. Thats what give you the cut look. When you see women that are bulkier with less definition […]