Pregnancy E-Book

I am so happy to announce my Ultimate Pregnancy Guide. The workouts and information is perfect for when you need to start modifying for your growing belly. They are also VERY effective for easing back into fitness after a baby!

The ebook includes:
25 total workouts- 9 upper body based, 9 lower body based, 4 full body & 3 yoga/stretching workouts plus a calendar on how to set them up! All core safe!

There are sections on Nutrition, Sample meal/snack Ideas, Diastasis Recti Prevention/maintenance,Transverse abdominal breathing , Pelvic Floor and more.

Doctors approval is required for this program & you will ned to modify as needed for any injuries. I explain many times that you can modify any workout and to watch your heart rate. The meal/snack ideas are also not vegan/Vegetarian based meals BUT the nutritional info is still effective for you!!