Please  click here to see my  BEFORE & AFTERS/ TESTIMONIALS page or check out my Facebook Album of BEFORE & AFTER  which I update ALL THE TIME if you want to know what my training results look like after just a few weeks with my clients!  I only take a handful of clients every couple of weeks and I get killer results!  Most programs you see all over instagram train 100’s in a month and get the same amount of before/afters as I do training 10-12!  I offer accountability, train nursing moms, and low impact options.  Below is all the information you need to see if we would be a fit for each other.  Also below is the client form I need you to fill out to make sure I can meet your needs. I also offer a Macro only coaching program. Just fill out the form and email me to let me know you are wanted to do only the Macro Plan.


I have a solid program that works, educates, and is actually doable!  It is not like most where you get the workouts and never hear from me again. You are a client. We talk, text or email, everyday!

General Information About Training:

The workouts I provide are a mix of cardio and resistance training that include dumbbells and body weight exercises that can be done at the gym or at home.  They are fat blasters and really ignite your metabolism because you are bouncing between a high cardio moves and strength moves.  This type of sequences helps keep your metabolism up for 48 hours which means your burning more calories!

FULL Workout & Nutrition Training Includes:

*4 Workouts a week (Cardio & Strength based)

*3 Tutorials on macros, understanding them and how to track them.

*Tailored macros – numbers for you.  I DO NOT DO MEAL PLANS. Meal plans are not a lifestyle change and they make you too dependent and aren’t maintainable. I teach you to be able to eventually do this on your own – you get to choose your foods based on your needs, body types, activities, etc.

*Over 50 recipes to help with your goals.

*5-7 emails a week chalk full of educational fitness information such as sleep, body types, fat loss vs weight loss, supplements, time management, food prep, stomach fat retention and more!

*Daily contact with me and TON’s of support with any questions you have!  You just have to ask so I basically act as a consultant as well!


Macro Only Coaching Includes: (I do highly suggest the full plan if you don’t have  strong strength & cardio routine)

*3 Tutorials on macros, understanding them and how to track them.

*Tailored macros – numbers for YOU.  Not a meal plans.  Meal plans are not a lifestyle change and it makes you too dependent. I teach you to be able to eventually do this on your own – you get to choose your foods based on your needs, body types, activities, etc.

*Over 50 recipes to help with your goals.

*5-7 emails a week chalk full of educational fitness information such as sleep, body types, fat loss vs weight loss, supplements, time management, food prep, stomach fat retention and more.

* Email assistance with questions

Profile Request:

I like to know my cleints so I do collect a profile from everyone who wants to be trained.  I really like to know your situation and the profile helps me know how best to match your needs and if we would be a good match as trainer and client.  Once you complete the form please email it to me at

I believe in quality over quantity with clients, workout routines and most everything!  This is a two-way street and we have to be a fit for each other! I like all my clients to see results, so I really try to match up with clients where they and I both feel we are a good fit.  Hopefully that makes sense!



Payment Information:

FULL WORKOUT/ MACRO TRAINING: The total per month is $95 which breaks down to $23.50 a week but I take payments for a month at a time and not week to week, which is a smoking deal!

FULL WORKOUT DIASTASIS RECTI SAFE/ MACRO TRAINING:I have  Diastasis Recti Safe program as well.  this is price the same as a regular workout and macro client at 95. This includes all DR safe moves and healing moves for DR. When you mark DR on your form I know to modify your plan for Diastasis

MACROS ONLY COACHING: This plan is 60 dollars for month one and 50 for month two & three. You get so much information to help you succeed and teach you. Its basically a full course on macros and how ti incorporate them into your life.



I take payments through a payment app called Venmo.  Venmo is an easy app that allows you to transfer money from your bank account to me.  Just search my name Andrea Allen.  My profile picture is the same as it is on Instagram and my name on the app is @deliciouslyfitnhealthy1.  I can take PayPal as well but it raises the price to $99 because they charge me. PayPal is linked to this email address. I take clients by who pays first once the profiles have been approved by me.  That allows me to start preparing for you so I typically do not hold spots.


Before Photos, Measurements & Food Journal:

Once I have received you profile and payment I will need you to take a before photo (full body, front, side and back) and have you do measurements.  Once you are a client I send you a detailed email of what I need.  I need a food journal from you as well which will be two week days and one weekend.  I need to know what you ate, the amounts, and when. This helps me work with what you are doing currently and allows me to tweak your diet in order to drop those stubborn pounds you cant get rid of.  Do not hold back; tell me exactly what your eat!  I see a million food journals and nothing phases me so be honest 🙂

I look forward to hopefully working with you.  Let me know ASAO if you would like to move forward.  Once I receive the profile back I can let you know if we would be a good match and we can move forward with the payment.

Below I need you to evaluate if you are REALLY ready…

I only keep a handful of clients online at a time so I am looking for a very particular person. You qualify if you meet the following requirements:


1: You are readIMG_6480y to make some changes including workouts and the way you eat.

I work hard for you to give you the results you want – this requires  YOU to work hard for me — its teamwork!

2: You are willing to make time for workouts that START at 20 – 40 minutes. 

I know I can help you make progress in this small amount of time because of the type of workouts I do.  They are METABOLISM BLASTERS!  But I need you to commit to the time to make them happen!

3: You are ready to be honest with yourself and me. 

I take my clients very seriously. I get just as excited as you do when you start to feel healthier, look fitter, and get stronger!  I believe in being positive and pushing each other to be our best selves!

4: You need at least two sets of weights.  A light (5-12LBS) and medium size (10-15lbs) but I do suggest a few more weight options.  I can give you workouts to do in your living room or at the gym.  They are all versatile and EFFECTIVE.  If you have heavier weights or other equipment thats great just let me know so I can tailor the workouts for you.  If you have a gym pass that is an added bonus I can tailor for everyone!

5. You need to be ready to make an effort to learn your macros. This takes time but I have videos to help and I am here to answer any question you have. I dont want you to give up! I am going to help you build a new lifetsyle not a crash and burn diet where you gain it back in 2 weeks and it not maintainable!


A FEW EXAMPLES: I have more photos than this but these are all unique cases to show I can work with any body type.

Client 1: Exercised regular but could not get rid of the stomach pooch



5 Weeks Later

 Client 2: Didn’t exercises regularly, had wrist pain. She is a plus size model who wanted to stay a little curvy with a slimmer look



Client 3: The road has been a little longer for this client due to us working hard to adjust some hormone imbalance she had that were affecting her weight loss goals.  Hormone imbalances can truly stop your weight loss from happening and I take great care and pay attention to signs of this issue!  We have fixed the problem now and she has been flying along. Her weight has only decreased a little but she has lost 6 inches on her stomach, 2 on her arms, and 3 in her glutes.  I can’t wait to see where she will be in the next few weeks and months!


Client 4: She was not eating enough. I have increased her food intake so far by 350 calories broken down to the correct macros she needs.

IMG_9798 IMG_9799 (1)


Client 5: She didn’t lose a pound on the scale yet she looks way different. She lost fat, added muscle and lost inches! Throw your scales out!



This program is doable! Just follow my eating guidelines and do all the workouts like this client!

IMG_9830 IMG_9829


 Some of my own progress: 


1st photo: 9 months with Twins. 2nd photo: 4 weeks post. 3rd photo: 3 months after. 4th photo: 7 months after.



10 week progress from my most recent baby (I am flexing in all three photos). In the first I am still wearing my hosital tags on my wrist.



 Email me if you want results: