Progress after 4 weeks!

Progress after 8 weeks!

Progress after 12 weeks!

My own progress after having twins!


Sherri – 44

“I have been physically active for many years in addition to always being mindful about my diet. Instead of giving up and chalking this up to getting older I decided to train with Andrea and follow her nutritional advice. Andrea introduced me to the Macro Diet. Which I should not call a diet because it does not feel like one. It is simply balanced clean eating. She realized that like a lot of women, I did not have enough fat in my diet. I followed her advice and added more protein and fat into my diet and have had unbelievable results. The best part is I am not always hungry like I was in the past when I followed other meal plans!After 6 short weeks of following her program I have not only lost weight, but gained the lean muscle and toned body that I have wanted for years. I am confident, happy, healthy and STRONG!”

Kaitlan – 28

Cami – 37 – Mother of three

“She has new, challenging, heart-pumping moves that really pushed my level of comfort, but also boosted my confidence once I tried and saw that I could do it! I have seen that a 20-40 minute workout can bring awesome results! Her training program brings results. The workouts are awesome and challenging and the food education really makes a difference.”

“She taught me to pick myself up after a mess up and not let it get to me emotionally. To just begin again, the next day. And that I can do more physically, than I thought I could”

Vanessa – 35 -Mother of One

” Andrea’s Program made me look at food different. I realize I can eat what I want I just need to manage my macros. Its not a diet but a way of life. I learned that anyone can get in shape. I can do anything for 30 seconds at a time. I can do more than I think I can. I have tried about 10 diets in my life and this is the most success I have had with giving up Girl Scout cookies! I feel stronger than I ever have before. I am actually really proud of my body and the progress I have made. I want to teach my family these things so wee all can be healthier.”

Kandra – Mother of two

“Andrea taught me I’m on this journey to be the best version of me while still living my life as mom and wife. She took the time to: problem solve and adjust macros, modify training schedule/workouts based on how my body was responding, checked on me when I hadn’t checked in, and explain the science behind the process. More importantly she helped me wrap my head around the mental game of my fitness journey. Scales are just numbers and don’t define success. There’s only a 2lb difference in these pics!!!!”

Aubrey – Mother of four

“My physique didn’t change much unless I did a drastic detox or something similar. After 4 weeks I started noticing changes in my physique and I was amazed; mostly because I was only working out 40 mintues a day, half of what I was use to. Andrea helped me to realize that I hadn’t been changing because of the imbalance in macros that I was eating. After the change in my diet to get the right amount of macros, the excess fat just melted off and 7 months later I am still amazed at how my body has responded to the simple changes in food and exercise that Andrea has shown me.”

Mandee – Mother of four

“To see changes finally is so motivating. I just love that I can workout from home when I have time and see results. The workouts are super challenging but not impossible. I LOVE it”