Abs, Shoulders, Legs and a lot of Stability Work

This weekend we went to visit my husbands parents in the high country to get out of the Valley heat! This was the first part of what I did on my trip.  The other parts will be posted later this week. This only has three moves BUT they are multi muscle moves that do ALOT of damage ?!  All three moves require balance and stability which engages more secondary muscles groups besides the primary ones being worked. Your core (Abs & lower back) will be attacked the entire time as a primary muscle group plus your shoulders and legs/glutes with get a pretty good burn too.  THE workout components are two strength based stability moves(1st and 3rd  exercises)  and one cardio based stability move (the middle move). Together they make out a bomb workout… does anyone say bomb any more ?? Anyway..enjoy!

30-45 seconds of each. Repeat 4 times!
1. Pike opposite toe touch into side plank .Advanced> Hold weights
2. Salute Burpees advanced > bring your chest all the way to the ground when doing the burpee portion .
3. Bridge Shoulder Taps.  Advanced> You can add a weight by placing a dumbell or a cute child on her hips to make your Glutes work harder or you can add bridge kicks for more leg action.

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