Any where legs

I am always looking for unique ways I can get a pretty good burn on from anywhere. Especially in the summer. We go out of town so much so I always like to be prepared before any vacation with a workout I can do anywhere. This is a pretty good leg set with cardio mixed in to give you a full workout. Plus the zig zagging and the cirlce knees/legs work the abs as a secondary muscle group!



30 Reps Squat Circle Knees or ADVANCED Squat circle ax kicks (each side counts as one)

30 seconds mountain Climbers (Picture below)

30 Lunge Kicks (each side counts as one)

30 seconds of center taps (Picture below)

30 reps Plie Squat Zig Zag abs with heel lifts (each side counts as one)

Jog for three minutes or Jump rope for 1 minute

Video of leg moves:

Mountain Climbers:

IMG_1611 IMG_1610

center taps :

IMG_1699 IMG_1698 IMG_1697

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