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Functional Mom.. Functional Jeans

One of the hardest things for me to do is feel in style and move around with my kids. Everything seems so tight and restricting . Weather I am squatting down to pick up Camry or chasing the twins as the park I hate feeling restricted.  The weather has been getting cooler here in Arizona so […]

The Best Shoe for Fitness: Healing your hurting feet

Sponsored by Zappos! This is not my typical post but I know many people struggle with finding shoes that feel good on their feet while exercises or even just being active and chasing your kids around! Over the last few months I have been having some feet issues. They just seem sore and uncomfortable all […]

Crunchless Core Work & Ches

 I am working my way back into AB workouts  after the baby and but I still  try to avoid putting lots of pressure on the center of my core due to DR. My Diastasis has improved a lot though already and I am three months post in this video. I now will do some ab […]

Nursing and its effect on Leaning Down

I posted a video a few weeks ago about how my deep freeze was half full of breast milk and I needed more space. I received so many comments on that story and how that was possible while working towards leaning down so I promised to write this post. I had a hospital the twins […]

No Equipment Full Body Count Down Workout

 I LOVE this workout. I like to do it when I am in on on vacation and have no equipment or I am just in a hurry and need to feel like I am going to die fast! LOL It is going to make your legs burn and your heart rate go crazy!  I count […]

Facts & Myths of Cellulite: What’s the deal

Cellulite.. that dirty word we all hate and hate that we have it! Everyone wants to get rid of it and after seeing millions of posts on certain  creams,lotions, and workouts that get rid of cellulite I decided it was time to explain whats real and whats not! FACT:Cellulite affects nearly 90% of women at […]

Home Made Equalizer Bar Workout

My husband make these for my for a Christmas present a few years ago and I LOVE them! They  are made out of PVC pipe, can be keep outside or inside and are durable! So I am going to keep it simple show you a leg and back workout with the bars and tell you […]