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Any where legs

I am always looking for unique ways I can get a pretty good burn on from anywhere. Especially in the summer. We go out of town so much so I always like to be prepared before any vacation with a workout I can do anywhere. This is a pretty good leg set with cardio mixed […]

Resistance Band Legs for Days

I have mentioned many times. I have to be gentle to my knees due to a previous knee surgery and a recent injury. I do fine with running and even being off balance when it comes to body weight exercises but I have to be careful with how much I lift. I have fall COMPLETELY […]

Simplicity is real..and Real is Easy

This is going to be a very short & to the point but I want you to think about simplifying your foods. I don’t eat complicated meals. The foods I eat normally don’t have an ingredients list. They are whole foods. Not always of course but a lot of the time. I feel like  sometimes […]

Swiss Turkey Sausage Omelette

Ok, stop right now. This cant be healthy. I know that’s what you are thinking but your wrong! The bad boy is HUGE and packs a lean meal deal when it comes to macros:    303 calories 50 g protein 9.5 g fat 3.8 g carbs! I know..I can hear you clapping! Can I get […]

Slimmer Sides with Standing Abs

I am not a big fan of crunches. I feel like people are always pulling on the back of their heads rather then really lifting with their core. One way to avoid this is to make sure you can never see your elbows in your peripheral vision. BUT to avoid that incorrect pulling motion all together […]

Fat Burning CARDIO BLAST : HIT Workout

I have been in and out of town so much lately so I have really have had to depend on creativity to get my workouts in! This HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUT with leave you exhausted so fast! See how exhausted I am after the workout, I had to show you that I get worn-out too!   So here […]

Tips to start Healthy eating Habits for Babies

Being really inloved in nutrition and fitness for myself has caused a lot of people to ask me “ what do you feed your kids” OR people see what my kids are eating and they are shocked! “ Your kids eat cod, avocado, tomatoes, zucchini, etc…..” When I was still nursing I read a book […]