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Hard work with the little one!

I was gone all weekend camping so it was good to get back to business today! Now as a mother the best thing about this workout for me was her giggle! The 2nd best thing was how freakin BEAT I was after doing this! I am not kidding I was dying! 30 lbs going up […]

Tangy Dijion Chopped Chicken Salad

A decent photo of a meal is a hot commodity around here!! This is currently one of my favorite go to salads right now. Lots of protein, low carb and healthy fats!  You can’t beat that! Well today when I tried to take a picture in the yard to share with you all  little fingers […]

Back Side Blaster!

A reverse plank works the entire back side of your body. It helps tone your back, shoulders, triceps, glutes and hamstrings. I shared a small bit on insta but I have slowed the video down here and added more moves including a few core exercises. Add  any of these moves into your next  workout or […]

Full Body Baller

  Soooo I injured my knee about a month ago and I have been trying to figure out what happened and how I can fix it. I have had two surgeons tel me different things reading the same MRI so I will need a third opinion. In the mean time I have had to completely back […]

Make your Own Equalizer bars

I was seeing Equalizer bars everywhere and I wanted them so bad, so my husband surprised me when I wondered down stairs in the dark to see these beauty’s under the Christmas tree! It was magical….well,  not really they were actually plain so i jazzed them up with a little purple spray paint. NOW they […]

Blueberry Graham Cheesecake Shake

I LOVE MILK SHAKES.…sooooo are you with me. In college I use to go to a place called the Malt shop. I would get these thick creamy shakes and dvour them with joy but then feel like I eat a horse dipped in sugar afterwards. I hated that feeling so I had to find alternatives. […]

Resistance Band Arms

Time to change up the exercises and introduce a whole other workout for you to add in.   The bands produce an isometric exercise, isometrics are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction (They don’t move during the lift). The isometric holds you see in the last  two moves really work the […]

EASY Fajita Salad

Not much work to this one thats why I love it! Plus its my hubby’s favorite! One of the only times he is really excited to eat an salad! I am gonna keep this post pretty simple as well.  If you love steak with a little zest you will LOVE this!   Red, yellow , […]