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Cardio & Strength Circuit

When in Doubt work it out! This is a perfect mix of cardio and weight training. The circuit helps you get a break from each type of workout to switch to the other style. This helps the muscles/heart work longer and you can work harder at each move & portion because you will get time […]

Lean & Green Muffinless Egg Cups

Since I just change blog address’s I am still in the process of moving all my stuff over so bear with me when I add things! One of the biggest keys to fitness is food prep. “If we don’t prepare , we prepare to fail”  Its true! If I am not prepared with a healthy […]

Chicken Bacon Brussel Stir fry

Sat that five times fast…chicken bacon Brussel Stir fry! OK you don’t have to 🙂 This is an oldie but goodie. As I was about to chow down for lunch today I snapped a picture real fast to share this dish with you all! Its easy fast and keeps well if you want to pack […]

No Gym Workout

A gym is not needed to work out.  I do most my workouts at home. Here is a simple at home workout even a busy person will have time for . Turn some music on and go at it!   NO GYM WORKOUT : BEGINNERS -30 SECONDS of each – go as fast as you […]

Bacon Turkey Avocado Sandwich

I love warm sandwiches. When I worked in a office I kept a panini grill in the bottom drawer of my desk. I would make this sandwich pull out the little panini press and make a boring wrap into an amazing quesdilla. Problem was the grill would sizzle and it smelled so good that my […]

BLTA Chicken Salad

This is my favorite lunch! I have it probably 2-3 times a week.  Its very satisfying, tastes guilty, but treats my body right! Thats a winner for me! I know you will enjoy this! Even my hubby LOVES it and asks for it and he is an EXTREMELY picky eater. I use sprouts bread which […]


  Its football season at my house and that means ESPN is on everyday all day plus game days! My hubby always wants pizza to watch a game. I have to remind him Pizza is not friendly  to the waist line but yes it is oh so tasty! So here is my healthy version! You all know […]


One of the main things I hear all the time from people is ” I dont know where to start “or “I feel like I am not making progress”.  Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle but its overwhelming sometimes and people don’t know where to begin.The truth is health like any thing else in […]