Avoiding Plateaus: Full Body workout example

This is workout is short but works great. As I mentioned on my instagram you can make the workouts a bit more challenging all based on how you put it together. To stop for yourself from plateauing all you have to do is change things around, don’t let your body catch up! I take a lot of the same workouts I do and just change the reps, intensity and duration. These two workouts use the exact same moves BUT are two very different workouts. Try it both ways and you will see for yourself.


Think about the things you do. How can you change them around?

  • Decrease the reps.
  •  Increase speed.
  • Add weight.
  • Increase reps, go for time.

There are lot of ways you can train and I never stick a common routine.

Some days its low weights, some high, some for time, and some for reps, but definitely a lot cardio and weights mixed Being all over the place when it comes to fitness is a good thing! So watch these two examples of changing up the workout below and see how you can change up yours too!


I ALWAYS WILL ENCOURAGE YOU TO GO PAST THE POINT WHERE YOU THINK YOU CAN’T DO ANY MORE….THATS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.. (even 2 – 3 more sets or 10 seconds makes a huge difference in your body.)

So push past your ZONE!

For example.Workout 1: each move broken down

Three Sets:

  • 10 T planks and plank punch on each arm
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • 10 burpee shoulder presses




NOOOOOWWWWWW….. you want to take it up a notch put it together!


Advanced Example:

5 Sets – 1 minute interval’s

  • T Plank
  • Plank with a Punch on one side
  • 2 Mountain climber knees
  • 2 Burpees with shoulder press
  • Repeat, starting with a T plank on opposite arm.


An increased workout on your body at once by added complex moves altogether, it’s like learning to walk and text at the same time! It can get complicated but then it gets difficult when trying to separate them!


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