Booty Blaster in the Back Yard

I want to talk about getting the lean muscle look today. I get a lot of emails and questions about lifting weights and wanting to tone but not build muscle. Tone look toned you have to build muscle. Thats what give you the cut look. When you see women that are bulkier with less definition they need to change tgeir diet or add s0me cardio in. I assume if you like my blog and workouts you like the leaner muscle look. A little bit of weight goes a long way for looking toned and if your nervous about getting thick make sure you get the cardio in and get your diet on point. I also suggesting taking  BCAA (Brand chain amino acid ) Its the only supplement I take. In easy terms it basically protects your muscles . During exercise and especially while dieting if glcogen isnt present your body body may start to burn your muscle for energy. BCAA’s prevent this plus help with muscle soreness.Studies have shown that dieting groups supplementing with BCAAs increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented groups.That my friends creates the lean look!

This is a great aritcal about all the benefits of a BCAA

I buy this kind off amazon
Scivation Xtend Intra-Workout Catalyst, Watermelon Madness, 30 Servings, 13.5 Ounce

Now to the work out. Today its a mix of a few cardio moves and resistance training. I love mixing the two into tough intervals! My heart rate sky rockets during the cardio portions and then decreases a bit while i am toning up with weights. Best of both worlds!


And of course my sweet A pants are from the one and only onzie

30-45 Sections of each. Repeat three times

Wide burpee 4 high knee

Bulgarian wall Squat(R  & L side )

Bulgarian wall Squat front kick (Right then left)

(R  & L side )

Squat / Dead lift combo

Attacks (Try to lift your hands as your feet start to swing forward)

Toes in Dead Lift (Picture below)

Jump Squat (squat & jump)


Toes Out dead lift B


Toes Out dead lIft side view




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