Cardio & Strength Circuit

When in Doubt work it out! This is a perfect mix of cardio and weight training. The circuit helps you get a break from each type of workout to switch to the other style. This helps the muscles/heart work longer and you can work harder at each move & portion because you will get time to recover! So go to your max on every move!

Repeat entire circuit 4 times!

Just Cardio Portion

45 seconds for each exercise:



Center squat taps

Push Burpee/Knee up jumps

Sumo Jacks

High knees with hands out to sides

Rest 1 min

Strength protion 1 minute each (weights are optional)

1: Cross body punches holding lighter weights

2. Bridge Lifts (Hip lifts) stack the weigh on your stomach/hips

3. Dips (do off a chair, couch, or a high step)

5. Step back lunges. Take a step back and lunge (Repeat with other leg) HOLD weights in each hand. The heavier the better!

6. Push ups- Lower slowly counting to 3 . Hold for 4 and raise back up


Pictures of  possible unknown strength moves:

Cross body punches( A video including cross body punches is also shown on my @deliciouslyfitworkouts instagram under “Shoulders and Mid section”

air punches

Bridge lifts


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