Crunchless Core Work & Ches

 I am working my way back into AB workouts  after the baby and but I still  try to avoid putting lots of pressure on the center of my core due to DR. My Diastasis has improved a lot though already and I am three months post in this video. I now will do some ab exercises but I pay attention to if I can’t engage my core anymore I stop. Everyone of these moves strengthens your core. Even the chest exercises do. Your core is tight and the position you are in helps pull your abs back together while working your chest. Plus, I don’t have to do a crunch or compromise my core to complete them. I never work just one muscle group. I like to super set them. So today was abs and chest ! 

15 of each repeat 3 times !

Ball side taps

Diagonal knee pounds 

Chest fly with Glute raise 

Core rotations (keep hips facing forward as much as possible) 

Chest press pulses( never fully extend or lower) 

High low corner reaches

Standing oblique side bends

Incline chest press