EASY Fajita Salad

Not much work to this one thats why I love it! Plus its my hubby’s favorite! One of the only times he is really excited to eat an salad! I am gonna keep this post pretty simple as well.  If you love steak with a little zest you will LOVE this!


Red, yellow , orange peppers sliced thin.

Flank steak sliced thin (its a leaner cut of steak)

Lettuce chopped

Tomatoes chopped

Avocado chopped
Greek yogurt for topping
Optional : salsa

Sauté peppers in salt pepper and garlic salt until tender and set aside.
Sauté steak in salt and pepper until you cant see any pink with salt pepper and garlic salt.

Combine peppers and steak with a frontera fajita sauce packet. You can find it at a lot of grocery stores including target

fajita sauce packet

Place over the lettuce tomatoes and avocado. Top with optional Greek yogurt!
That’s it and it is AWESOME!!

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