Easy Peasy Asparagus and Honey Djion Salmon

I love fresh veggies but truly I don’t have time to be roasting everything and standing at the grill turning stuff so when I am in a jam for time. THIS IS MY LIFE SAVER. This post is going be as short and fast as it is to make this deliciously grilled asparagus.



Lets start with the salmon:

Turn oven to broil



1tbs honey

1tbs dijon /spicy brown mustard

1 tbs lemon juice

Place 2 thawed salmon filets on tin foil in a baking dish (Tinfoil makes less clean up)

Cover both sides of the salmon with spoonfuls of the sauce

Broil for 3-5 minutes of each side flipping once


Now while thats baking lets move on to the asparagus

1.Get out your George Forman….its not just for chicken any more!

2. cut and wash your asparagus and place in the George



3. season to your liking. I do alittle salt & pepper and lemon pepper.

4. Shut the lid and WHALA… in 5 minutes you have grilled asparagus.




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