Exercise Ball Full Body workout

Who doesnt love getting an entire body workout in one workout session. To be honest most of the time I break up my workouts by muscle groups. For exmaple I will work Chest & Biceps, Shoulders and Back or Legs (Hamstrings , Glutes and Quads) BUT sometimes I just don’t have time for those kind of workouts all week long. Thats when I bring in the full body exercise ball burn up! This past week has been literally insane for us. First, Monday we went to the hospital due one of the girl eating one of my moms pills while visiting and then yesterday Olivia had an allergic reaction to something and her whole face swelled up. Than today Ella decided to get sick and throw up all night long! So of the 5 weekend days this week I spent 3 of them at the hospital, ER, pharmacy,traveling home 6 hours or at the doctors office. Needless to say my workouts were all a bit shorter and I needed to group a lot of muscles together to cover my bases! So here its is! FULL BODY COMING AT YOU!


12-15 reps of each repeat 4 times

Chest Press

Heels attached Glute lift

Tricep Extensions aka Skull crushers

Glute drops & Vertical shoulder press

After completing an entire round complete 3 minutes of high cardio. And then start round two! Repeat the cardio after every round!

Below I have made a list of a few moves to choose from. Choose a different move to complete  for every minute

Jumping Jacks


Ski jumps

Mountain climbers

Mule kicks

High knees

Butt kicks

foot ball feet

squat kicks

Jump rope

Chair or Box jumps or step ups



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