Full Body Baller


Soooo I injured my knee about a month ago and I have been trying to figure out what happened and how I can fix it. I have had two surgeons tel me different things reading the same MRI so I will need a third opinion. In the mean time I have had to completely back off lower body exercises. No kick boxing, swimming, no lateral movements, and absolutely no heavy lower body lifting. It’s been hard for me BUT I have found things to do to maintain what I have.  

This full body workout with a ball is one of the workouts I have found works. No extra stress on my knee yet I still get a little work in for my hamstrings and glutes plus upper body!
Each move for 30-45 seconds repeat 4 times !
Laying down arm extensions(shoulders & biceps)
Knee in & outs (inner and outer thigh)
Chest press with heel lifts (hamstrings, chest, calves)
Glute lifts-hips on the ball & use weights on the ground to stay stabilize you (hamstrings, glutes)
Cross body punches (shoulders, glutes ,hamstrings)
Hamstring curls with the ball.
Glute lifts
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