Functional Mom.. Functional Jeans

One of the hardest things for me to do is feel in style and move around with my kids. Everything seems so tight and restricting . Weather I am squatting down to pick up Camry or chasing the twins as the park I hate feeling restricted.  The weather has been getting cooler here in Arizona so we are playing outside more, going to see the airplanes, spending more time on walks & at the parks. I tend to live in workout clothes because they are comfy.

Recently I decided to get a few pairs of jeans to test out so I could be more functional and yet fashionable. The most comfy ones I got …..Lee Jeans! Yep you heard me. The kind you use to wear in 3rd grade! It is time to try them again! They feel like leggings.. it is awesome!! The stretch in them is amazing but  they still don’t get all stretched out like all my other jeans. They have a little higher raise jean as well so you don’t have the muffin top issues.

So I suggest trying out a pair of Lee Jeans (I picked my up from JCPenney) and planning and outing with your kids and see how they feel. I am wearing the Rebound jeans. Message me and let me know what you think! And heads up they run a little big!