Shoulders & Legs Tabata


This workout is gonna make you sweat like a champion and will really tone up your upper and lower body.  Your shoulders are going to ache and your heart rate will soar.

You can take all the jumps out and make this really low impact. I even show the curtsy lunge without the jump so you can see both ways .


Here are two Tabata’s with abs in the middle!  Download an interval timer on your phone and do 20 seconds on and 10 second rest.

TABATA 1 :  

Curtsy Lunge Shoulder Press

Pulsing Squat Punches

Sliding Squat Press (Jump or no jump)

Repeat 2 times



Bicycle Choppers

Butterfly Sit Ups



Side Lunge Shoulder Press

Low Squat Knee Punches

Jump Squats

Repeat 2 times

Repeat AB section


Grenades B Grenades A

Butterfly Sit Ups

Butterfly Sit up Extended B Butterfly Sit up Extended A

Bicycle Choppers

Bicycle Choppers B Bicycle Choppers A


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