Hard work with the little one!

I was gone all weekend camping so it was good to get back to business today! Now as a mother the best thing about this workout for me was her giggle! The 2nd best thing was how freakin BEAT I was after doing this! I am not kidding I was dying! 30 lbs going up and down and over my head off and on all while trying to keep the same pace 😵 had me huffing and puffing ! Literally the hands on your knees leaning over kind of hugging and puffing ! Try it out !

You can replace the child with weights but weights do not giggle near as well which makes the workout that much better😜


5 reps, 30 seconds rest.

  • 10 reps child/weight Off & On Squats .
  • 10 burpee with the child/weight shoulder extension.
  • 30 high knees

All done? Pass out now!



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