Home Made Equalizer Bar Workout

My husband make these for my for a Christmas present a few years ago and I LOVE them! They  are made out of PVC pipe, can be keep outside or inside and are durable! So I am going to keep it simple show you a leg and back workout with the bars and tell you how to make it!

My favorite muscle groups to work on them are abs and back but legs, triceps sand biceps are all possible!

Also if the below measurements and parts seems like mumbo jumbo just show it to the Home depo guy and a picture and he will get all the parts for you and th right cuts of PVC. than you just glue it all together!



Length: 25 1/2 inches

W: 25 inches (The base) to me its probably too wide so 20 inchs would work



3 sticks of 10’X 1  & 1/4′ PVC

4 – 1&1/4′ 90’s

4-1&1/4′ T’s

8- 1 & 1/4 END CAPS

PVC Glue


Back n Legs Workout:

Repeat 3 times:
10Prequalified pull ups or chin ups legs straight is harder
15 Bridge lifts
15 Exercise ball Back extensions
15 Single leg squats (more of a pulse since you don’t get super low)
10 Equalizer Side pull ups
15 Heel raises
15 Exercise ball roof raises
10 Equalizer rows

Ab ideas and Tricep:


Here are some pictures of the bars up close. Yes they need a new spray paint job(I have had them almost three years)




Both bars


sides of bars