Make your Own Equalizer bars

I was seeing Equalizer bars everywhere and I wanted them so bad, so my husband surprised me when I wondered down stairs in the dark to see these beauty’s under the Christmas tree! It was magical….well,  not really they were actually plain so i jazzed them up with a little purple spray paint. NOW they are magical… and a little beat up, but they create killer work outs a year later !

I like to workout at home because I don’t waste travel time, i’m able to watch my kids, and I can change out laundry between sets. Equalizer bars would be a nice addition to my home workout materials.  Mine are not as sturdy in some exercises (Hanging dips, some abs moved) but I don’t mind at all because the little shake of the bars makes the workout that much harder. Plus they do the job until I win the lottery and buy real ones 🙂




Now to the details. The home repo guys will cut them for you if you just give them the measurements! IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! All you have to do is glue the elbow caps into the straight pieces!…WOW it apparently does get better! Any way. Here are my measurements and a heads up, I did my base at 25 inches. I feel they are a little long so would maybe change them to 20-22 inches.



  • 1 1/4 inch PVC 21-22 feet total
  • Height 28 inches (4 PVC pipes cut to this length)
  • length across the top: 25 inches (2 PVC pipes cut to this length)
  • Width (The base)  20-25 inches. Mine is 25 and i think it could be 20 inches (4 PVC pipes cut to this length)
  • 8 elbow end caps
  • PVC Glue
  • If this seems like mumbo jump just give the measurements to the home depot guy and show him the picture! Like I mentioned  they can cut it for you. Than all you have to does glue the elbow caps! ITS THAT SIMPLE!



Than you can work out all kinds of muscles !!


Here is a back, bicep, booty and ab workout idea!



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