No Equipment Full Body Count Down Workout

 I LOVE this workout. I like to do it when I am in on on vacation and have no equipment or I am just in a hurry and need to feel like I am going to die fast! LOL It is going to make your legs burn and your heart rate go crazy!
 I count down from 10 reps for all the exercises Then repeat and count down from 9 reps, 8 ,7 etc. If you want to make it harder increase your reps you start with OR make 1-3 of the moves not count down so some count down and some are always 10(I like doing this with the jump squats and sumo hops here). Make sense?
If you have Diastasi Recti sub Rock n Roll Squats for burpees as the video shows. Don’t know what DR is?? Check my post on here.  
OK here we go…
10 reps of all the moves and than next time you do 9,8,7 etc. The stabilized moved are always 10 reps
Buprees or Rock n Roll Squats
Side Plank Leg lifts (Right & left)
Stabilized 10 Jump Squats
Sumo Reaches (R& L count as 1)
Kick ups (R& L count as 1)
Counting Down Leg extend 2 Sky & Jumps
Sumo Pop Hops