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I Provide Guides & Coaching that educate and support you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. The Pregnancy & Postpartum Guides are done at your own pace, include support groups, and is a one time purchase. Get hands on coaching from me for Macros & Workouts.

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Postpartum Guide
Restore & Reclaim Your Body
Heal & improve your body postpartum the right way
185 VideosTotal
20 Core Healing Workouts for Diastasis, TVA and Pelvic Floor
24 Upper | Lower | Full Body Workouts to Ease You Back Into Fitness
Nutrition Tips & guidance for Nursing and Non Nursing
20 Recipes
Postpartum Tips & What to Expect
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Diastasis Recti Pelvic Floor
Strengthen and heal your pelvic floor
Improve your inner core and pelvic floor function
30 Core Workouts (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
10 educations modules
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Pregnancy Guide
Prevent & Prepare
Prevent issues postpartum & prepare your body for a strong recovery
25 workouts included
Nutrition Details For All Three Trimesters
Diastasis Recti Prevention | Maintenance
Transverse Abdominal Breathing
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Workouts & Nutrition Coaching
one month
One Month - Personal Coaching (AKA The Ultimate Fitness Plan)
Solid Fitness and Macro Coaching to Get You Results. (For Everyone)
4 Workouts a Week in My App
Tailored Macros For You
3 Tutorials on Macros
Daily Emails with Fitness Tips
Weekly Progress Checks
Over 50 Recipies
Questions Answered Anytime
Diastasis Recti & Traditional Versions Available
2-3 sets of dumbbells needed for workouts
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Macro Coaching
one month
One Month - Personal Coaching
Ignite Your Metabolism Nutrition to Help You Reach Your Goals
Tailored Macros For You
3 Tutorials on Macros
Weekly Progress Checks
Over 50 Recipes
Questions Answered Anytime
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Workout Coaching
one month
One Month - Personal Coaching
Workouts To Help You Focus In And Get Results
4 Workouts per Week in My App
Fitness Tips
Weekly Progress Checks
Workout Questions Answered In My App
Diastasis Recti & Traditional Versions Available
2-3 sets of dumbbells are needed for workouts
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For Macro Coaching with workouts(Ultimate fitness plan) or workouts only you need to be 10 weeks postpartum to be a client. The macro coaching includes tailored macros NOT a meal plan. I teach you how to track macros and enjoy some of the foods you love by making them fit your and learning to change your lifestyle! Meal plans are not sustainable & are quick fix . They do not teach you how to actually make changes.

How to Pay

Venmo: @deliciouslyfitnhealthy1 – Andrea Allen
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Why MY WOrkouts

The workouts I provide are a mix of cardio and resistance training that include dumbbells and body weight exercises that can be done at the gym or at home.  They are fat blasters that ignite your metabolism because you are bouncing between high cardio moves and strength moves.  This type of sequences helps keep your metabolism up for 48 hours.

Flexible dieting that is sustainable

Macros is a type of flexible dieting that helps people lose weight without feeling overly restricted. Rather than focusing on calories, it tracks macronutrients instead — namely protein, fat and carbohydrates I teach you to choose your foods based on your needs, body type, activities, etc.


1: 20-40 Minute Workouts

2: Equipment Needed | two sets of dumbbells | 5-12 lbs Set | 10-15lbs Set | but having a few more size weights is really nice!!!

3: Macro Coaching and Workouts & Nutrition Plans have weekly check-ins where you can request info, share how you are doing, and adjust as needed. Workout Coaching check-ins once a month for measurements and updates.

4: Workouts Coaching – Includes four in app video workouts assigned each week and 2 steady state or rest days. Workouts can be adjusted to your schedule.

5: Workouts can be done from home or the gym, all you need is dumbbells!

6. PLEASE read every email I send you once you are a client. I build my programs concept upon concept and its really hard when clients ask me questions I explained in emails they didn’t read. I am always happy to answer any new questions though as I want you to do well!