Slimmer Sides with Standing Abs

I am not a big fan of crunches. I feel like people are always pulling on the back of their heads rather then really lifting with their core. One way to avoid this is to make sure you can never see your elbows in your peripheral vision. BUT to avoid that incorrect pulling motion all together I am sharing CRUNCH-LESS standing abs. Four abdominal moves that lean help leanout your mid section. Now I know what your going to say. The second move looks a little silly. Well… I don’t care what looks silly I care about what works 🙂  Just imagine saying “Alright!!” while bringing the hip up and elbow down and it will flow perfectly! GOT IT! Ok and My next post will not be ab workout I promise I will change it up!


45 seconds for Each move. Repeat 3 times

*Weight 2 Foot cross body Punch Kicks

*Hip Pulls (Just trust me and try it)

*Standing Weighted Side crunch (The stable leg is slightly bent. Also make sure the weight comes all the way above your head for that extra shoulder work)

*Weighted Side bends. (I its actually more of a lean. Its  a small motion just lean slightly to the side and use your CORE to standing you back up. Keep your hips stable)

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