Stationary Core Plus Shoulder,Triceps and Hamstring Action

So as you know I believe in being gentle to your joints when possible, and this workout makes that possible. Plus who doesn’t get sick of tons of sit ups to strengthen the core and this workout has TONS of core moves without the crunches!

Even though I am not doing crunches you can see that my core is ENGAGED the entire workout! You don’t have to always be doing sit ups to lean out your stomach! My obliques are firing the entire time due to being on my side and I am looking down to make sure my abs stay Engaged as well in the center. To create more muscle confusion I have added a tricep extension and leg lift to start. Than I make the muscles fire differently by pulsing the leg and doing an isometric hold with my arm straight up. We give that side of the body a small break by doing bridge dips but then we go back to our side for more core and leg work. Than you repeat on the other side! THATS IT!


You have:

  • Isometric strength exercises.  
  • Stability.
  • Range of motion.


All training your muscles differently! WHOOT WHOOT ! VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!




  • Side Tricep Extension & Leg lift (Flat foot)
  • Isometric Weight Hold & Leg pulses
  • Bridge Booty Dips (Bring your glutes down and in line with your hands and try to straighten your legs)
  • Isometric Weight Hold & Side Stability Scissor legs
  • Isometric Weight Hold & Stability Leg Claps


– 10 reps, repeat twice of each side. (Lighter weight)



– 12 reps , Two-three times on each side. (Medium size weight)



– 15 reps. Repeat on each side. (Medium size weight with 15 reps OR heavy weight with 10-12 reps)







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