Step Stool Workout

Step Stool Chest, Abs, & Quads (thighs) !
I bet a million dollars if you have a kid you have a little step stool in your house. Now let’s put it to use for more then just helping your kid reach the sink !

This is broken into two videos. Mainly because I died when my little Ella first knocked down the camera and then the second time I went to take it down I turned around to see her  trying to lunge and top tap! I had to add it in! Workouts are always crazy around here!

The reps decrease with every move and trust me you will be thankful for that 🙂

Repeat 4 times !

20 Elevated Lunges on each leg (video 2)

18 Leg extensions to sky ! You can place your hands on the ground behind you or if you have great balance out then out in from as seen in this video !

15 Plank step stool walk up & downs ( add 4 mountain climbers for cardio after a 2 walk up and downs)

12 Leg extensions and Jumps (again if your balance isn’t great hands can touch the ground behind you)

10 Uneven push Ups (1st & 3rd round right hand on step and 2nd & 4th round  left hand on step )

30 seconds Toe taps on the bench(video 2)





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