Strollers are NOT just for running!

I try to change up my workouts all the time. I have noticed when I try new things no matter how crazy they seem I have better results. I know some of you are looking at this whole workout saying..THAT’S CRAZY. I will look like a lunatic when others walk by. But let me tell you. My ENTIRE fitness life I have been looked like a lunatic. I have always been teased for my crazy fitness habits! I was teased for going home early to sleep so I could get up and go to the gym in collage before work. I was teased for walking with huge leg weights while nine months prego down the road. I have been teased for the crazy things I do on the stair stepper (thats for another post). And aside from being tease sometimes in my classes I show the memebrs the next move and get the look of ” you want us to do what….” Yes I do! What challenges you changes you. What’s out of the ordinary will make you extraordinary! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU.This goes for any healthy habit. People will tease you for asking for the dressing on the side or no butter on your veggies while eating out. They will tease you for always have snacks in your purse. Do not let them discourage you. Those who laugh now or think your nuts now will be the same people coming back asking you how you stay fit or lost the weight. I promise !

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Now with that said lets spice up your morning or evening run or jog ..sound good?

Here are multiple moves you can mix in. I dont run much but when I do we pass I swear 47 parks and my kids are happy until we go by ANOTHER PARK so we normally stop for a bit at one of them towards the end of the run… well…. I don’t stop. I use a picnic table for push ups, box jumps, box steps or more. And once the girls are out of the stroller I can knock out some core killing exercises. Or sometimes I add in random exercises as I run. Lunges, Mountain climber pushes, backward squat walks and more. I run for a while and then I will throw in one of these for 30 seconds. The change up is exhausting and turns that mundane run into a fat blaster beast!

And if you want more motivation. TEACH YOUR KIDS TO CHEER FOR YOU! I know it sounds funny but I seriously love it. When I am getting tired I try to run to the side of the stroller and ask the twins for a high five. I tell them say “Mommy good job, mommy go faster, mommy your a beast”.. etc. I don’t have to tell them any more NOW they tell me and I love it. It makes me smile every time and I push a little harder. So mix it up this next week. Spice up your run and have fun!


Squat Holds (Count to three at the bottom)

Plank Pikes

Single Leg Squat

Ski Climbers

Lunge kick back walks

Backwards Squat Walks (roll your feet places your heel first then your toe on the ground & stay low)

Squat Hops

Mtn Climber Pushes

Squat leg raise Turns

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