Swiss Turkey Sausage Omelette

Ok, stop right now. This cant be healthy. I know that’s what you are thinking but your wrong! The bad boy is HUGE and packs a lean meal deal when it comes to macros:


 303 calories

50 g protein

9.5 g fat

3.8 g carbs!

I know..I can hear you clapping! Can I get a high five for those. You could totally put less meat or less egg beaters in and have it be even less calories !  But why would you do such a thing when you can eat this huge omelette for that few of calories! This is one of my go to breakfast choices I learned from my sister! She is the crossfit queen and we share ideas all the time! Sometimes I even eat it for dinner because it so filling! I know not all the pictures in this are gorgeous but it’s easy to see how easy it is to make! So don’t judge my pictures just judge the taste when your done !

3/4-1 cup egg beaters (beaters not normal egg whites)
2-3 tbs chopped sautéed mushrooms
1-2 Handfuls of spinach sautéed
2 oz cooked lean turkey sausage
1 slice reduced fat Swiss
Salt and pepper to taste

It’s all right there for ya! Heat pan to medium spray with cooking spray and start layering it in!! It’s sooooooo good !


All I have to say is …YUUUUMMMMM



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