The Best Shoe for Fitness: Healing your hurting feet

Sponsored by Zappos!

This is not my typical post but I know many people struggle with finding shoes that feel good on their feet while exercises or even just being active and chasing your kids around! Over the last few months I have been having some feet issues. They just seem sore and uncomfortable all the time and just hurt. My sister has plantar fasciitis and I was explaining to her about about my feet and my fear of it getting worse. She suggested I try a pair of Brooks Reveal out so I contacted them! I figured why not so I got on Zappos and ordered a pair knowing they would ship out super fast,have good service and shipping is free(They are the best!) Anyway, let me tell you the second I put them on it was night and day difference!! Like walking in a cloud compared to a rocky path!LOL My feet felt so supported and comfy! Literally the pain in my feet instantly stopped! I do enjoy a running but I do a lot more in my shoes so and I was worried if they would feel great doing kickboxing or HIIT workouts…Yes they do! No joke I am ecstatic! I plan to order a few ore pairs!

So I am sharing this post because I was starting to struggle with my feet and these shoes were an instant answer for me so I wanted to share it with you! And after knowing my sisters experience and how much they helped her i knew they were worth trying. After falling in love with the shoes I decided to try their fitness clothes and I was equally impressed with the quality! The chaser shorts didn’t rid like most running shorts do. So no awkward wedgey picking!  I also got two got the freemont tank and  raceback tank which fit very well and dry fast. I have been very impressed with how flattering they are! I want to where them ever day! I was on vacation this last week at the ranch and pretty much did wear my brooks shoes and clothes everywhere.


So there you go if your looking for good running/ fitness shoes for the fall Brooks are it! I have tried every shoe made now and these are my favorite.