Toasted Marshmellow Peanut Butter Mint Bars

When I made this the first time I eat it all  like a ravenous wolf without even getting a good picture. I was so impressed with how yummy it was that I texted my sister and told her all about them right away. Her response ” peanut butter and mint??” I wanted to reach throw the phone and slap her . “What..its like the best combo ever! Now I am not talking about peanut butter sprearament I mean like peanut butter and THIN MINT…….

If you haven’t had this combo you HAVE to try it…I mean they sell Peanut Butter Mint Jiff whip now, Mint Chocolate with peanut butter swirl ice cream, mint chocolate and peanut butter shakes, and Oreo cooke Mint pies with Peanut butter drizzle!  I swear by it Next time you get thin mint girl scout cookies put a little peanut butter on it…OK DONT DO THAT..I NEVER SAID THAT ..just make this instead…


So here you go. EASIER than Easy Mint Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars! The only reason I am calling them a bar over a cupcake is because the quest bar makes a great soft and chewy texture like a bar.The peanut butter cookie dough layer lays the smack down and toasted marsh mellows knocks it out of the park! I know marsh mellows aren’t healthy at all..not one bit. BUT I believe in moderation and worst things could happen to me then putting 5 mini marsh mellows on my dessert. For example buying a box of thin mints and putting peanut butterr on them 🙂 Anyway, no more getting side tracked. Here ya go. Make them and share them with a friend or two. Or hide them from your kids and eat them later. Either works…


Makes 6  Cup cake size treats

Chocolate Mint Layer:

Microwave a  two Quest Chocolate Mint bar for 10-15 seconds. Break into three pieces and press into the bottle of tinfoil cup cake wrappers. The tin foil wrapper are crucial if you want to get this amazing treat out without a mess.

Peanut Butter  Cookie Dough Layer

2 tbs peanut butter of choice

4 tbs coconut flour

4 tbs peanut flour (PB2)

2 scoops quest peanut butter protein powder (Vanilla works as well but it loses a little of the PB taste)

1/2 c almond milk

optional but yummy : 3-5 drops of  Sweet Leaf vanilla creme stevia drops or 1/4 -1/2 tsp of sweetner of choice.

Mix everything together and evenly spread into the three cupcake tin wrappers. I had a little extra I just ate. I mean I saved for a later.

Marshmellow Layer:

Place 5-6 mini marsh mellows on top of each cupcake  and place in the oven . WATCH them. Its done when the marsh mellows look all toasty and tasty. It only takes like 2 -3  minutes max.





Pull them out and let them set for a few minutes.Take out of the wrapper carefully and prepare to have your mind blow!


Your welcome..and if you haven’t tired the Mint Chocolate Peanut butter Combo your double welcome!

I have also made it in a 4 inch spring pan. All you do is cut the recipe in half and it makes a little pie!


Made in spring pan

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