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I am finally up and running on my new blog and am Overly excited to share my favorite workouts with you.  Here is something to think about . The word WORKOUT… it has work in it.  Some times i want my workouts to be comfortable. I want to see a difference without really breaking a big sweat or feeling the burn TOO much! But i tell myself thats not how it works. To make the work count you have to sweat for it, be out of breath, have burning muscles and be ok with a little pain. THATS the WORK that will make your WORKOUT Worth it. SO try this on for size. Its a mix of strength and cardio. Enjoy!

30 sets of each Exercise then 20 sets then 15 sets


Burpee with a shoulder press

Plank punches

Bridges (Laying down Hip thrusts)

Donkey kicks

Box Steps or Box Jumps (You can use a dining room chair, the weight benches at the gym or a ploy box)

One leg standing extensions

High knees

Triceps dips


Some of the moves that may be UNFAMILIAR to you:

Burpee with Shoulder Press

Burpee with Shoulder Press Video

Plank Punches This is one of my favorite moves i learned from shaun T (Main muscles worked : abs and shoulders)


Donkey kicksYou are on your knee and hands. bring one knee slightly foward then kick it back up in the air towards the sky and repeat

Donkey kicks-jamie-watling

One leg standing extensions  This photo is hilarious but is shows exactly what I want you to do! Try to bring you knee up parallel to your hip and then extend your leg straight. If your leg is lower then your hip thats ok but the goal is to keep your ankle knee and hip in line when the leg is extended



Box Steps or Jumps.. This is a picture of a jump  but if you are a beginner just step up one foot at a time and thrust your hips forward on top once both feet our planted then step down and repeat.




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