Diastasis Recti is a common condition women develop during pregnancy that can cause pain, leakage and the “mommy pooch”.  The core muscles separate, meaning they need to be retrained to do their job correctly and this guide will do that!  The 10 educational modules explain the pelvic floor, inner core connection, diaphragm breathing, nutrition tips, modifying exercise and core mindfulness in daily activity.  It includes 36 core only focused progressive workouts for anyone at anytime to improve your core.

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The Ultimate Postpartum Guide is designed to help you ease back into fitness right after having a baby. Ideal for after your 6 week check-up to 6 months postpartum, or up to one year if you are a beginner to fitness.  The 10 educational modules equip you to tackle the postpartum aftermath with topics such as nursing, sleep schedules, and nutrition.  The guide also includes 20 core rebuilders and 24 full body focused progressive workouts to ease back into fitness postpartum.

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The Pregnancy Guide is designed to help you keep health and fitness a priority during your pregnancy.  The 12 educational modules explain the pelvic floor, TVA breathing, Diastasis Recti prevention and maintenance and give tips to prepare for labor. You also receive nutrition tips for each trimester and meal ideas to get you started.  It includes 27 core safe workouts: 9 Upper Body Based, 9 Lower Body, 4 Full Body and 3 Yoga/Stretching

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