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I grew up playing sports but didn't get into fitness and health until college. I used physical exercise to pull myself out of depression my freshman year of college and became hooked on the endorphins. 

I KNOW through experience that exercise makes your head clearer, your mood better, your body tougher and gives you a will to push through even tougher challenges.

Now I am here to share my healthy eating tips, recipes, and workout ideas for busy college students, moms, dads, full-time workers, and everyone in between.  

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After two kids back to back I was ready to do something for myself. I truly am amazed at the progress I have made in the short 8 weeks. Before, this program I hardly ate because I never made time for myself and never worked out. Unless you count chasing your 20-month-old around and holding your newborn. Andrea’s program (macro/workouts) taught me how to find a happy balance. She teaches us how to fuel our body with proper foods but not to be scared to indulge in treats guilt-free (you can make them fit in your numbers). I am so thankful for Andrea and her program. If you are considering starting, I suggest you take the leap! You won’t regret it.


The greatest thing I have learned is HOW to set myself up for success by prioritizing my goals each and every day. Andrea's programming and guidance have given me tools to stay on track AND enjoy my life! Numbers are helpful to me, which makes macro coaching work for me. I have ambitious weight-loss goals that haven’t materialized as quickly as I desire, BUT taking measurements has been incredibly helpful when the scale frustrates me. Andrea's encouragement that the scale is only one number has been invaluable. My goals of weight loss haven’t changed, but photos and measurements anchor my reality that change is happening. Inch by inch! To quote Andrea, “be aggressive with the work, patient with the results.” It's so cliche, but as I have prioritized myself, my family is getting a much happier and enjoyable version of me. Win-win!


I had tried many different ways to lose weight over the years, (especially in my tummy) - all different diets, from Keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, and sometimes almost feeling starving, just trying not to eat too much. My friend had incredible success with Andrea's full-body program so I decided to try! I also really wanted workouts to help repair my DR! I'm SO glad I did! This program is the first time I feel I'm eating is sustainable. I am still able to enjoy all different foods and treats - I just need to plan for it! I'm so thankful for this opportunity to have this amazing support. It is also really helping me mentally to feel good about what I eat, and without constant guilt, feeling bad about my eating and myself. I have loved all of Andrea's ideas, encouragement, coaching, and tips to help maintain and change my thinking around eating, especially emotional eating and how to maintain and not go back to old eating habits. I have her voice in my head now to stay strong and eat healthy! Thank you Andrea!


Thank you! I'm so happy with the physical process but also the mind shift. In 12 weeks I learned so much about the food I was eating, and how to strike a balance that worked for me. I literally eat a treat every day and continue to see results! Andrea's program builds week over week so that you can set new goals and make small changes. In the end, a major shift happens mentally. True confession, I always sort of scoffed at the people who say these types of nutrition/fitness changes are empowering and bleed into other aspects of your life. But now I see it happening to me, and in the end, the program had a much larger impact than the progress photos I've shared. And for that, I'm so thankful and continue to have motivation to keep reaching for new goals.