Overcome Diastasis Recti.
Heal Your Core with Simple, Short Daily Workouts.

Flatten your belly, reduce pain and leakage, and feel amazing again

Introducing an amazing guide specifically designed to SAFELY improve your core 
from the comfort of your living room at a pace that's right for you. 

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Your Mommy Pooch (‘Diastasis Recti’)
Compromises Your Health Across the Board

When your core is compromised through Diastasis Recti (aka, the ‘Mommy Pooch’), your body and life does not feel amazing.

Most Moms feel dissatisfied with how they look and more importantly feel on the inside. They often struggle with back pain, leakage, weakness and a protruding stomach they can't figure out. The hardest part is feeling like you don't know how to make it better. They think they will just have to live with it. YOU DON'T!

And because DR does not respond to standard full-body workouts (traditional ab work actually make things worse), only a specific approach can heal your core and overcome DR. 


How DR Works

During pregnancy 66% of women develop Diastasis Recti. This is a gap in between your right and left large abdominal wall muscles. It creates a rounded, protruding belly “pooch” as the core is not supporting it self correctly.

It sticks around to haunt us and creates long-term, chronic symptoms, such as:

  • Clothes not fitting properly. A sit can make you look pregnant still.
  • Feeling less strong and confident.
  • Sexual discomfort and even pain
  • Peeing after sneezing, running laughing, jumping and more
  • Back pain because the core is weak so the lower back takes the brunt of the core support.
  • Limitations on movement and body support
  • Vulnerability to re-injury.

And much more.

I'm Ready To Start!

There are a lot of misconceptions and limited info on how to treat Diastasis Recti, as many personal trainers don’t even know what it is or how to work to improve it to truly strengthen the inner core.

Plus women's physiotherapists can be hard to come by and expensive and you don't have the time for weekly apps.  

That leaves moms struggling with what to do to and how to treat Diastasis Recti  properly. Attempting to “get your body back” by planking, crunches, and doing other ab work, thinking that will fix the issue when it actually makes it worse. It’s time to heal the inner core to see improvements inside and out!

Without proper technique, you can fail to engage the core properly which creates intra abdominal pressure which pushes the right and left ab apart aggravating your symptoms.


Introducing the Deliciously Fit ‘N Healthy’s Guide
for Overcoming Diastasis Recti and Healing Your Core

The good news: With proper breathing, proper exercises, proper form, and the right support, you can safely and effectively flatten your mommy pooch, feel better and move on with your awesome self!

I used these techniques myself, as I developed Diastasis Recti after having my twins, and they changed my life.

Even better, on my journey, I developed a series of short, simple daily workouts that progressively heal your core. I’ve been teaching how to heal Diastasis Recti for years in my other guides. But this material is SO IMPORTANT that I’ve created this specific guide.


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“I’m so speechless about the experience that I had. I went in with low self-esteem & self-confidence because of my mummy tummy. I am now much more comfortable in my own skin & very pleased with results.It’s a life changer and super convenient for moms or anyone with busy lifestyle.”

“I wasn’t really aware of Diastasis pre-babies, but when my tummy wasn’t recovering the same after my second I realized I had a 3 finger separation. Thank goodness Instagram led me to Andrea! After 8 weeks I cannot believe how well it’s starting to heal. It taught me how to work my inner core and truly use my breath."

Okay, I'm Ready
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“I had never trained (nor heard of) transverse abdominals before...even as a highly competitive athlete in my teens and as a Division I collegiate soccer player. Doctors, trainers and physical therapists would just tell me that in order to lessen my increasing back pain, i needed to "strengthen my core" with no real direction on how to actually do that. Fast forward 20+ years, two kids and a surgery to repair two herniated discs in my lower back, I FINALLY found what I needed in Andrea's DR course. It seemed too simple to be a true solution, but that's exactly what it is! My core is the strongest it's ever been. Strong enough to be free of constant back pain...Strong enough to see a visible difference...and most importantly, strong enough to help me be the mom I want to be...playing with my kids, picking them up, hauling heavy things. Oh and how did I forget to mention that I can cough and laugh and jump without peeing myself now! Never thought THAT was possible after kids!" 
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I'm Ready to Start Now!
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Introducing Deliciously Fit ‘N Healthy's Guide
for Overcoming Diastasis Recti and Healing Your Core

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What's In the Guide?

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10 Great Preparation Modules

You can always improve your core at any time no matter how long ago you had a baby. This guide is for anyone who feels they have a weak core or has noticed coning in the belly or that the core pushes out. This is essential information and workouts for improving your core.

  • Why you need to listen to your body
  • What is DR?
  • Intra Abdominal Pressure, Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm Breathing
  • Connecting the Pelvic floor to the TVA – Core Breath
  • The Core and Your Daily Activity
  • Diastasis and Building Safe Strength Training Workouts
  • Cardio with Diastasis - How to Modify in Fitness Classes, and Proper Connection During Cardio
  • Physiotherapist Tips
  • How to Know When to Progress- there is no set window for healing it varies by person depending on your gap depth, width and if your able to complete the exercises properly which this section explains how to asses in detail with a check list
  • Nutrition and DR
I Am Ready To See Improvements In My Core

"I never thought I would see this much progress in such a short time. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and this program has given me the confidence back that I didn't think was possible."

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The Workouts

This section is a progression. You start with the first 10 beginner workouts and move forward from there. The explanations are clear. The videos are 30-60 seconds and show you the correct form and how many reps.

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10 Core Workouts (Beginner)
5-10 Minutes Each

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10 Core Workouts (Intermediate)
5-12 Minutes Each

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10 Core Workouts (Advanced) 
5-15 Minutes Each

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Let's Do This Together!

Andrea Allen

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Andrea Allen, CEO of Deliciously Fit ‘N Healthy, has been featured on Good Morning, America, AZ Family, and People Magazine for her work with helping pregnant and postpartum mothers and beyond get their body, strength, and confidence back. She has been in the fitness industry  for 15 years as a maternity health coach and certified personal trainer.

She believes health and fitness success begins with positivity and small steps to bigger changes. She is an expert in Diastasis Recti, a common post-baby issue. She works out in the comfort of her own home, and her programs are designed so you can work out in the comfort of your own home, too.

She has 4 young children, and developed diastasis recti with her firsts, a set of twins, and recurred in subsequent pregnancies. Andrea understands mothers feel alone and overwhelmed with all they have to do, and designs her courses to be simple, direct, and easy to execute, and to start producing results quickly.

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This guide is perfect for women who:

  • Want their core back, but aren’t sure what to do.
  • Feel overwhelmed and alone in their lives and feel they don’t have time to figure out how to see core improvement.
  • Want to decrease urinary leakage, back pain, or painful sex.
  • Feel self-conscious (or don’t have the time) to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment.
  • Want to flatten their mommy pooch, gain strength, and build confidence.
  • Are open to the possibility they can grow far beyond their limits, even if they don’t feel that way now.
  • Want to work out safely despite DR and now know to modify for it.
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What You'll Need

2 Resistance loops, one medium and one light resistance and optional is an exercise ball.

You've Never Had More Support, Get Started Now!

"I have been extremely self-conscious of my abdominal area since the birth of my 4th baby. Last summer, I worked so hard to achieve my fitness goals through other popular at-home work out programs, but had the opposite results as the exercises I was doing were only making my diastasis recti worse. I was so discouraged! I was so shocked and excited to see progress!

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Diastasis Recti Guide to Healing Your Core

Price $75

Everything You Need
To Heal Your Core & Diastasis Recti

  • 40 Easy-to-Use Learning Modules
  • 100+ Videos for In-Home Training
  • 30 Workouts for healing Diastasis Recti
  • Clear Explanations of Complex Concepts
  • Understand What Diastasis Recti Is, How It Happens, and How to Heal It
  • Understand Why Your Core Doesn’t Return to Normal Without Help
  • Learn safe strength training
  • Master How to Protect Your Core & Avoid Aggravating DR
  • Learn How to Use correct Core Breath
  • Nutritional Framework
  • Self Check Training for Diastasis Recti
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Lifetime Access
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"So incredibly thankful for Andrea and her program. The results speak for themselves. The Best decision I’ve ever made for myself!

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"The DR exercises were KEY to the changes I saw and felt! I've "worked out" HARD all my life but I had NEVER done those simple DR exercises. I am so thankful for you and for your coaching!"

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"I can feel my posture improving and my lower back pain from my diastasis is gone. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

Start These Exercises Today And Feel Better Right Away!


Let’s work together and help you overcome Diastasis Recti, and heal your core with simple, short daily workouts

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