Maternity Belly & Back Support

health and fitness Jan 16, 2021

I get asked a lot if I wear a support belt. I do wear a support band during cardio and I LOVE it. My husband says I look like a mover in it, LOL, but hey I feel great! I am still huge into Turbo kickboxing. I did it up until the baby before labor with the twins and plan to do the same with this baby. I got mine off amazing for 14 bucks and I have tried a few but this is my favorite (Bracco breathable maternity back/belly support band).

I used a different one with the twins but this one is way more breathable and adjusts to my growing size better and doesn’t make me feel like I am wearing an extra layer of clothes. I live in Arizona and it's always above 110 here so I don’t need more layers!

Support Belt

1ST: 36 weeks             2nd: 31 weeks

I stopped running and even jogging around 22 weeks cause it bugged my stomach, but kickboxing doesn’t at all. That doesn’t mean you have to, if you feel good, keep going, but I didn’t. Maybe it’s because I so used to kickboxing and it was not a consistent bounce. One foot is almost always on the ground. Plus my center of gravity stays pretty balanced. But with that said some days I do the “ski” as shown in the second section and some days I march instead. I just listen to my body and you should listen to yours!! I am almost 37 weeks now so home stretch!

The video below is from Kickboxing using the belt. It allows me to move so much more!

Here is what I have:

Bracoo Breathable Maternity Back Support – Pregnancy Belly Support with Band – One Size – Pink



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