The First Step To Healing Diastasis Recti (The Mommy Pooch)

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"Hey Andrea,
What should I do to get rid of my mommy tummy?"

Amazing women everywhere are trying to lose weight after having kids whether it's been a few months or many years and no matter what health fad they follow they still struggle to get rid of what bothers them most, the pooch!

I've received thousands of similar questions so I created this FREE training to help you conquer the foundation of how to heal your core.

There's more to the story about why you struggle with:

  • A bulging mommy pooch

  • Bladder leakage

  • Discomfort or pain during sex

  • Back pain

  • Pelvic pain during and years after pregnancy

When you understand and practice what I teach here, you'll be able to lay the foundation for your core to heal itself and avoid injury in your daily movements and workouts. 

AND you'll see changes in the way your stomach feels and looks! 

Here's What You Get When You Use My Training Series:

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Activate & Find 
Your Pelvic Floor

Learn how to find, feel, and connect your Pelvic floor so you can protect it during movements. (So you don't pee your pants when jumping!)

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Activate the Transverse Abs -
TVA Breathing/Belly Pumping

Learn how to strengthen the  inner abs muscle which can create a corset like feel and look plus keep all your other core muscles in line. Get this right and your core will become a power house you will be proud of!

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Connect the Inner Core
to Movements

Now use what you've learned and put the techniques into movements that will start toning and strengthening your core. You've Got This!

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Get My Training Series Now So You Can Lay The Foundation For:

  • Getting Your Flat Stomach Back

  • Upgrade Your Sex Life

  • Improve Your Posture

  • Increase Bladder Control

  • Strengthen Your Core

  • Work With A Realistic & Positive Pro, Andrea Allen, Who Has 4 Children

  • Improve Your Balance

  • AND... Access A Supportive Community of Moms

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I had a 4-finger  gap from Diastasis and at the very least a 2-inch deep gap after having my baby girl last April in 2019. The movements necessary to heal your TA and inner core are so minimal that it can feel like what you’re doing won’t change anything, but I’m onto week 5 and while I have a LONG way to go, I put on my pre-baby size 4 jeans this morning and could buckle them comfortably (even with my DR still distended). I haven’t been able to wear normal clothing in a year without pant extenders, and that really takes a toll on your self-esteem.

I can now engage my TA and lift my pelvic floor automatically in almost every exercise, and I love feeling how engaged it is in Andrea’s DR exercises. I moved on on started training with her. I am overjoyed and already have found so much more confidence in how I feel and look these days, and it’ll only get better!

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After my 3rd c-section I started this with a 4 finger gap in my abs, now down to about 1.5 fingers. My core is stronger and feels better after learning how to control my TVA muscles with different movements. I was able to slowly progress through all DR workouts and feel I can control my core with any movement now!








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While pregnant, my daughter was on my SI joint and I was on bed rest for a number of reasons so I couldn’t workout. I was in labor for 36 hrs.
I did physical therapy for 8 months after my daughter was born for a 3 finger gap below belly button, horrible back pain, and left hip pain.
After all that physical therapy, I still couldn’t really work out bec I couldn’t engage my core or walk very far.  Around 3 weeks in working on this I was able to feel my core and bend down without horrible back pain. I have started into Andrea's workouts now and 12 weeks in my back pain is completely gone and my gap is down to 1 finger!


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