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Let's face it, as common as it is to have a child, the fitness industry isn't built for moms


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As a mom your body has been through major trauma, I know you don't need me to tell YOU that, but what most women don't do is learn how to heal their bodies properly.

This guide is for you if:

  • You are within the first 4-6 months postpartum or within 1 year postpartum if you’re a beginner to fitness.
  • You're hoping to ease back into fitness the right way.
  • You're ready for your body to feel like yours again and get stronger.
  • You want your core to heal and have the stomach come back in properly.
  • You are wanting help with nutrition and tips for postpartum aftermath.
  • You want ideas for managing how to nurse connected to workouts, sleeping, and more. 

Lucky for you, you've found the right place where you are understood and cared for in a way that will get you REAL RESULTS because we focus on REAL MOMS!

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You've Never Seen A More Comprehensive Program To Help Moms Within The First Year Postpartum or Complete Beginner To Fitness

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"I started doing your postpartum program in May when it was released. I must say it is very complete. I love the core rebuilder workouts and the different levels for total body workouts are great! I was bloated & had diastasis (around 3.9cm of diastasis in my belly button). My waist has reduced & my diastasis is now at 1.9-2cm at my belly button (which clinically isn’t considered DR anymore and she had a physiotherapist check this). I’m really happy with your guide and orientation. You inspired me to do it! I do have stretch marks in the belly button and some lose skin in the abdominal region but I still feel blessed with good results."

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20 Core-Healing Workouts

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Your body doesn't feel like it did before having babies and you feel confused about how to feel like YOU again.

These essential workouts will ensure you heal first before cranking up the intensity.

  • Learn to connect to your pelvic floor to support your core and stop leakage.
  • Reconnect and find your transverse abdominals to train your core to connect like a corset and tighten up! 
  • Heal your diastasis recti if you have it.
  • Progress through 3 levels of exercises to ease you back into fitness the correct way and set you up for long term success.
“I had two babies in two years. My first daughter passed away, my second is my rainbow baby.  I am living a whirlwind of emotions but my confidence and self image have dwindled to zero. You are helping me rebuild pieces of myself through fitness and a healthier life style"
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Lose Weight and Tighten Your Tummy!

24 Next Level Mommy-Focused Workouts

Once your core is strong enough and you are doctor approved, you'll start my 3-Level workout program to get back in shape. 

  • Protect and retain the core to do its job and shed the baby weight.
  • Strengthen your legs and tone your arms.
  • Sweat it out with me in the comfort of your own home on your own time.
  • You can do this!
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"I absolutely love the pregnancy and postpartum program! I’ve learned so much about nutrition and exercise. I started the maternity work outs a few months before I got pregnant. Before that I didn’t work out consistently and never thought about what I ate. EVER. I followed the work outs and calendar as much as I possibly could. As soon as my baby was 6 weeks old I started her postpartum work outs and core  rebuilders.I love the name your plate technique she teaches. I wanted to make sure I kept my milk supply for my baby but I also wanted to loose weight. I am so thrilled I was able to keep up my milk supply and pump for a trip with no problem as well as loose 15 lbs and 4” on my waist. I am stronger than I’ve been since I was 20! Thanks so much for making this program Andrea!!"
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Let's Do This Together!

Nutrition Training & Recipes

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  • Learn which yummy foods help you get lean.
  • 20 Recipes to make cooking easy while staying healthy.
  • Snack Ideas because there are times when you just need a snack!
  • Nutrition plans to keep you on track.

"Thank you Andrea! You have done so much for me...not just physically but also mentally!"

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Nursing, Sleep Schedules, Supportive Community, And More...

  • Get new insights about nursing & pumping and how it affects your workouts.
  • Learn the perfect feeding schedule to help you have more energy too.
  • Understand postpartum and what you can do to counteract some of the negative effects.
  • Be part of a community who care for one another and know what you are going through.
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"At my 6 week check up after baby #1, my midwife told me I had diastis recti. I had no clue what that meant. I did some research and tried other online programs, but didn’t really find anything that worked. I started Andrea’s postpartum guide 20 months postpartum. 6 weeks into the guide, I not only felt better and stronger, but could SEE significant results! I’m now 27 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and am thankful for the healing I experienced with Andrea’s guide. Highly recommend!"

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You've Never Had More Support, Get Started Now!

YOU deserve to feel like yourself again!

At Deliciously Fit 'N Healthy you've found more than a drill sergeant or some random set of workouts. 

And I know it gets complicated out there... 

  • When should you start working out?
  • How much should you work out?
  • What should you do about nursing and pumping?
  • Are you doing the exercises right? Are you going to get injured?
  • Does that trainer even know what it's like to have a child?
  • What should you eat with all the dieting fads out there?


Your search is over. 

Jump into my Ultimate Postpartum Guide and you'll be back on top of things fast!

  • Feel like yourself again and flatten your tummy.
  • Reduce back and pelvic pain after pregnancy.
  • Improve your sex life.
  • Workout with a professional who knows what you feel like!
  • Interact with other Moms who support each other to keep going.

Today is the start of something extraordinary for you. Let's do this!

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This guide is perfect for women who relate to one or more of the following:

  • Don't have a consistent workout routine post baby.
  • Want to heal their Diastasis Recti.
  • Recently postpartum (within 2 -12 months) and need to ease back into fitness properly.
  • Unsure of how to properly engage your core during exercise. 
  • Beginner to fitness and within 1 year postpartum. After that my Coaching Plan or DR Guide is a better fit.

You will need 2-3 sets of dumbbells, 2 resistance loops, an exercise ball and a small bouncy ball of any type.

The Ultimate Postpartum Guide LIFETIME ACCESS


Everything You Need To Get Fit After Babies

  • 185 Videos for In-Home Training
  • 20 Core Healing Workouts for TVA, Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor
  • 24 Additional Workouts - Level 1, 2,& 3
  • Clear Explanations of Complex Concepts
  • Postpartum Material
  • Nursing & Pumping Blueprint
  • Sleeping & Feeding Bliss
  • Nutritional Framework
  • Self Check Training for Diastasis Recti
  • Understand Why Your Core Doesn't Just Go Back To Normal Without Effort
  • Recipe Book with 20 Recipes + Snack Ideas

OR... Bundle With The Pregnancy Guide And Save


Everything You Need During And After Your Pregnancy

  • Get everything in the Ultimate Postpartum Guide and Everything Listed Below
  • 9 Upper Body Based Workouts
  • 9 Lower Body Based Workouts
  • 4 Full Body Workouts
  • 3 Yoga/Stretching Workouts
  • Video links & pictures for clarification of moves
  • Nutrition details for all three trimesters
  • Sample Meals & Snacks
  • Diastasis Recti Prevention/Maintenance
  • Transverse Abdominal Breathing
  • Pelvic Floor & More!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for further questions and support
  • Bonus – Calendar Setup for YOU
  • All Core Safe!
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"With the help of Andrea I have regained confidence and energy that I had lost after the birth of my first child. I’ve been able to develop a great habit for eating and working out that is sustainable."

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"My second & third babies are very high needs, colicky, medical issue babies and that’s why my self care went down the drain. I was in a downward spiral with my eating habits. Chocolate and beer were my safe haven. I went back and forth with pulling the trigger forever to start this program and I finally did. I have learned more than I ever imagined I would. I have always been an athletic, semi healthy person but I just didn’t know how to be healthy anymore. You have taught me how to look at food differently. You have taught me how to love myself and even if I have a bad day or I mess up with eating, I don’t just give up and eat everything in site. I now know how to start over on a fresh new day and not hate myself. You have been a life changer."

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"Andrea makes it so simple to lose weight and get healthy. Even after the first 4 weeks, I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I love the fact that my DR is improving even though I haven’t been super diligent about doing the DR exercises. Besides losing weight, I can also feel my posture improving and my lower back pain from my diastasis is gone. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

Start These Straightforward Exercises Today And See The Difference!


We're in this TOGETHER. Let's get you feeling back to normal!

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