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 Diastasis Recti or as society calls it "The Mommy Pooch" is a real issue and
can compromise your health across the board

What is Diastasis Recti or DR? 

During pregnancy 66% of women develop Diastasis Recti.

  • This is a gap and depth in between your right and left large abdominal wall muscles.
  • It creates a rounded, protruding belly “pooch” as the core is not supporting itself correctly.
  • Peeing after sneezing, running, laughing, jumping and more.
  • Back pain because the core is weak.
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“I started this course after having my second child and was really struggling to regain strength in my core. ...It took me a while to figure out how to engage my PF and TVA. I've noticed a definite change in not only the appearance of my body but how my body feels...”


“Now I know why it's always encouraged to take before and after pictures? I am so pleased with my results and I am only about halfway through the program! I went to pelvic floor physical therapy for about a year and didn't see as good of results as what I'm seeing with your program. Not only is my transverse tighter and waist smaller, but my pelvic floor is stronger and it shows when I run..."

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What's In My DR Guide?

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Lifetime Access to 13 Great Preparation Modules

  1. Why You Need to Listen to Your Body
  2. What is DR?
  3. Diaphragm Breathing
  4. Rib Flare
  5. Understanding if the Pelvic Floor is Tight or Weak
  6. Connecting to and Finding the Pelvic Floor
  7. Connecting to the Transverse Abs (deep core muscles)
  8. The Core and Your Daily Activity
  9. Diastasis and Building Safe Strength Training Workouts
  10. Cardio with Diastasis - How to Modify 
  11. Physiotherapist Tips
  12. How to Know When to Progress
  13. Nutrition and DR
I Am Ready To See Improvements In My Core

The Workouts

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This section is a progression. You start with the first 10 beginner workouts and move forward from there. The explanations are clear. The videos are 30-60 seconds and show you the correct form and how many reps.

12 Core Workouts (Beginner)
5-12 Minutes Each

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12 Core Workouts (Intermediate)
8-15 Minutes Each

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12 Core Workouts (Advanced) 
8-15 Minutes Each

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Let's Do This Together!
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What You'll Need

2 Resistance Loops - 
1 Medium and 1 Light Resistance

Exercise Ball is Optional

Comparison Chart Of All My Guides And Coaching
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Diastasis Recti Guide to Healing Your Core

Price $75

Everything You Need
To Heal Your Core & Diastasis Recti

  • 40 Easy-to-Use Learning Modules
  • 100+ Videos for In-Home Training
  • 30 Workouts for Healing Diastasis Recti
  • Clear Explanations of Complex Concepts
  • Understand What Diastasis Recti is, How it Happens, and How to Heal it
  • Understand Why Your Core Doesn’t Return to Normal Without Help
  • Learn Safe Strength Training
  • Master How to Protect Your Core & Avoid Aggravating DR
  • Learn How to Use Correct Core Breath
  • Nutritional Framework
  • Self Check Training for Diastasis Recti
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Lifetime Access
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"So incredibly thankful for Andrea and her program. The results speak for themselves. The Best decision I’ve ever made for myself!

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"The DR exercises were KEY to the changes I saw and felt! I've "worked out" HARD all my life but I had NEVER done those simple DR exercises. I am so thankful for you and for your coaching!"

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"I can feel my posture improving and my lower back pain from my diastasis is gone. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

Start These Exercises Today And Feel Better Right Away!


Andrea Allen

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Andrea Allen, CEO of Deliciously Fit ‘N Healthy, has been featured on Good Morning America, AZ Family, and People Magazine for her work with helping pregnant and postpartum mothers and beyond get their body, strength, and confidence back. She has been in the fitness industry  for 19 years as a maternity health coach and certified personal trainer.

She believes health and fitness success begins with positivity and small steps to bigger changes. She is an expert in Diastasis Recti, a common post-baby issue. She works out in the comfort of her own home, and her programs are designed so you can workout in the comfort of your own home too.

She has 4 young children and developed Diastasis Recti with her firsts, a set of twins, and recurred in subsequent pregnancies. Andrea understands mothers feel alone and overwhelmed with all they have to do and designs her courses to be simple, direct, easy to execute, and to start producing results quickly.

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Let’s work together and help you overcome Diastasis Recti, and heal your core with simple, short daily workouts

Get the Perfect Guide to Healing the Mommy Pooch

Let’s work together and help you overcome Diastasis Recti, and heal your core with simple, short daily workouts

Get the Perfect Guide to Healing the Mommy Pooch