Hi! I’m Andrea


I grew up playing sports but didn't get into fitness and health until college. I used physical exercise to pull myself out of depression my freshman year of college and became hooked on the endorphins. 

I became a fitness instructor during this time as well. In 2007 I tore my ACL while playing lacrosse and it was around this time that I realized that I had to do more than exercise to get fit; I needed to eat healthy to feel good about myself, I realized what a gift a healthy body is.

I KNOW through experience that exercise makes your head clearer, your mood better, your body tougher and gives you a will to push through even tougher challenges.

Now I am here to share my healthy eating tips, recipes, and workout ideas for busy college students, moms, dads, full-time workers, and everyone in between. I am often asked what I do and what I eat so I have created a way to not only tell you but help you!

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